Cord McPhail

Director of Photography


Born in Texas in 1972, Cord grew up in the the great American era of excess. Actors for President, punk rock, exploding space shuttles, break dancing, MTV, chili stuffed hot dogs, xtasy, tight rolled jeans, Phoebe Cates’ red bikini, the friend who’s dad always had a keg, fear of a nuclear war, Tex-Mex, Eddie Van Halen, and grunge. Marrying a girl from New Orleans, and having a baby boy with her, was that best thing that could have happened to Cord. Eventually the gravity of Texas waned, New Orleans became home. Back to the sweet excess that makes life interesting. The good kind of excess. Living life, enjoying the journey. Making images is what feels natural, so camera in hand, he goes. Oh, and there is also a lot of fishing. A lot of fishing, but that is a whole different adventure.